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Join The Movement!

Open University of West Africa is now enrolling students for a distance-learning version of our Diploma in General Education.
The first two courses start Friday the 27th of October. They are:

Design :



You NEED to do two things to enroll.

1. Sign up using this form:

2. We will then create an OUWA email for you. Once you have your email, you will need to use it to register for the two courses listed above (we identify and track your progress by your email) You will start more courses in January, 2013.

The Diploma in General Education is a one year introductory course that will prepare you for a bachelors degree at OUWA. Our first campus is in Accra, Ghana – but we are rapidly training a “Scaling Team” of 30+ committed students that will bring an OUWA campus to your country. We expect to open campuses in all ECOWAS countries in September 2013.

“Debating Malian politics, reading Forbes Africa, chillin…another day at OUWA.”

For this diploma, you will be taking the classes fully online, and then your exams will be held at an OUWA campus in your country in September 2013. To assist you to pass these courses, our team here in Accra will assist you daily. When you register, we will add you to the OUWA Facebook group where you can get to know your fellow students and participate in conversations about your classes, OUWA and life!


Hello You!

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